A Bit About Us


At Olivenhain Farms we are all about community and are here to provide an exciting and diverse learning environment for our community's next generation. Founded early in 2020, we couldn't have picked a crazier time to start this project... but with the "new normal" we couldn't have picked a better time either.

We want to share our little farm and created a place where children can come, learn ways to become more self-sufficient, interact with animals, communicate, and dream... 

all in a comfortable outdoor setting. 

Our friends and family are passionate, experienced and eager to pass on their knowledge to you. Natalie, a credentialed teacher, formerly ran the garden program for Village Gate Children's Academy in Encinitas and Alex is a seasoned entrepreneur excited to encourage the next generation to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. Our network is teaming with experts ready to share their ideas and enrich our space.

Join our community and learn how to get involved by filling out the subscribe form below.