Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Olivenhain Farms anytime or do I need a reservation?

Visits here are by reservation only and we do not share our address until an appointment has been made. Because the farm is also our residence, visits begin and end at your reserved time.

What ages are best for visits to a farm?

We've got to say 0 to102 for this one. It's never too early to visit a farm. Not only do outdoor sensory experiences help with vision and brain pathway development, but studies show that farm animals and mud play boost the immune system and it's even been studied that children with exposure to farm animals at an early age were less likely to develop hay fever and asthma. A little more on that here. At this time we are only able to offer camps. Check out what we offer here

How Can I Book a visit?

Our camps are opened on the website about a month in advance. It's the only way we've found to accommodate new visitors and also to leave future spots open for rainy day reschedules.

What happens if rain is expected on the day of my child's visit?

We will reschedule. I am more than happy to still run a camp in the rain, (animals need love in the rain too!), but I think your child's visit will be much more enjoyable dry. Some of the animals hide, it gets a bit muddy, and lots of our fun is spent in the garden playing and that's just not as fun in the rain.

What is your cancellation policy?

I am happy to reschedule or refund with 24 hours notice.