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Snake Safety Day

Meet a Real Snake Wrangler! Sunday April 7th or Wednesday the 17th.

Service Description

Bruce Ireland aka Wrangler Bruce is a local treasure. I have called him many times when we've found snakes in our yard. Last year he took two rattlesnakes off of our property and safely and humanely relocated them. He is an advocate for the snakes. Too many uninformed people kill non-venomous snakes out of fear and we need them. I'll admit before learning from him I was scared of all kinds of snakes... but recently my daughter and I were hiking and we saw a King Snake and instead of being afraid we were able to marvel at her beauty, because we knew she wasn't venomous. Even rattlesnakes. I let them do their thing and we leave them alone unless they are in an unsafe area, like by our house, and in that case we call Bruce or his team at During our special event, Wrangler Bruce will bring snakes, teach about snake safety, and we'll finish up the afternoon with a mini farm tour and art and family activities in the garden. Hope you can join us!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us with 24 hours notice.

Contact Details

  • 450 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas, CA, USA

    (858) 381-0384

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